Online Pronunciation exercise program

1- Program Outline

  • 2 Options of your Choice:
    *Full 20 Session Program
    *10 Session Refresher Program

Session Duration : 20 minutes 1-2 times/week
Price : 25€/session

We will decide on the meeting time together. 

  •  Program Logistics

    1) Prior to our session : I will send you a document regarding the sound we will be practicing together.

    2) During our session, I will work with you on your pronunciation of the sound, so that it becomes clear and effortless for you.

    3) Post our session : You will have a recording of the session so that you have the opportunity to practice aloud afterwards.
    I recommend at least 5 minutes a day.

After 20 sessions, and your practice every day,
you will sound like a true French!

2- Registration and Payment :

On My email address :

I will provide you all necessary contact details

As we are confined together, throughout the world ..
Let’s make the most of it and have fun together intelligently and effortlessly!

I am Maryse and for years I have specialized in serving as a French teacher for foreigners. Many are under the common misunderstanding that to be French means to have a standard French accent, when in fact this is not the case. Regionally different parts of France have different accents, and I am fortunate enough to be from Burgundy, which has the authentic accent most strive for. Allow me to use my great fortune to help you too have the sought after perfect French pronunciation!

The situation right now is unideal for many, and confinement is not easy. As someone who tends to book out home stays months in advance, which have had to be postponed due to travel restrictions, I have a unique opportunity to carve out time to help those of you around the world remote. So why not use these circumstances as a time to fine tune your pronunciation in a comfortable, trusting space?

This way, when we are out of confinement, you can be one of the few foreigners who in a truly effortless French way can smoothly order that « un verre de vin » to celebrate, request that « shampoo » your hair has so been waiting for! Yes, I know these are just two of the many terms more challenging for many to pronounce!

Or, perhaps dare I say, even shock a future French boyfriend/girlfriend with that amazing French pronunciation you suddenly acquired out of nowhere!

Regardless of your level in French, or even if you’ve decided to learn it later,
You all can benefit!

Aubrey, a current student (Harvard University, 2018), testimony:
As a foreigner, there is only so much French I could learn through books, the classroom and youtube tutorials. I want that real French that only those who truly grew up speaking it know — for example, that « je ne, » is usually just sounded as « jen. » Or, that French when pronouncing « acheter » in it’s plural conjugation typically drop the « e » sounding it as « nous achtons, » as opposed to “nous achetons,” for example. These are seemingly simple things, but they seperate out Foreigners from French. They are simply not things we can learn on our own, except from people like Maryse. Maryse has given me so many helpful insights and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to learn these things quietly with her so that when I am actually speaking French, I sound much more authentic!

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